Nostalgic Old Photographs Recaptured In Their Original Locations

Nostalgic Old Photographs Recaptured In Their Original Locations
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The Dear Photograph project inspires creative appreciation for the past among millions worldwide.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 24 january 2012

Dear Photograph is a heartwarming collection of photographs that feature idyllic locations along with old photos of people in the exact spot and held at an angle that mimics the original setting. Each photograph is accompanied by a brief caption that states its significance or story to the contributor.

Created initially as a personal photo project by Ontario-based media practitioner Taylor Jones, the Tumblr photoblog has since gone viral with over ten million hits over the past year and attracts over 20,000 views a day. With a simple but powerful concept that evokes a new form while at the same time tugging the hearstrings, Dear Photograph has been named by Time Magazine as one of the best websites of 2011. Jones explains:

Nostalgia is a big trend right now, and adding the caption brought it to another level. I find all the photos are really emotional, they all have a story behind them.

 Dear Photograph

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