The small indie company from Portland is taking the world's most important feet by storm, one sock at a time.

There’s a reason why Portlandia, the wry and witty send-up of hipster counter-culture enclaves from SNL’s Fred Armisen and Sleater Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein, has been such a success: it’s funny because it’s true. Though Portland may have become home to all things twee and ironic, at the heart of it it’s a place where adults of all ages can embrace their inner child and let their “individuality” show. It was then of no surprise to us that the newest company to cater to a growing need for the niche would come out of this rainy Nortwestern city. Sock It to Me sells fun, funky socks—with adorably appropriated tacos, cupcakes, ninjas, mustaches, unicorns and other things that have managed to make it into the hipster lexicon over the past decade.

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