New App Puts A Digital Spin On Boardgames

New App Puts A Digital Spin On Boardgames

New interactive boardgames might change the future of the activity by integrating the iPad as a digital interface for players.

Sam McNerney
  • 21 january 2012

Kids might be the real winners at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). We stopped by to see a demonstration of “GameChanger,” a new app from Identity Games that combines an iPad or iPad 2 with an electronic game board. Users “spin” a virtual wheel to determine their next move while the app tracks their progress. Game pieces interact with the iPad, which asks questions and assigns tasks, so players always know whose turn it is. With half of the game digital users don’t have to worry about losing dice or cards either — perhaps the best feature of the app.

In a press release, Emile Kalis, Creative Director of Identity Games explains the future implications of GameChanger:

The GameChanger is going to revolutionize traditional board game play. By bringing together the best of both worlds – board games and the world’s number one tablet, GameChanger offers an entirely new gaming experience for the family that is both fun and educational.

There are two games currently available, Animal Mania and Magic School Bus. Both are designed for kids aged six and up; two to four players can play and they are on sale for 80 dollars each.

Check out our video below from CES for a quick demonstration of the games:


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