Dodge Hides Cars Around The World And Sends You To Find Them

Dodge Hides Cars Around The World And Sends You To Find Them

Three 2012 Journey models were given away by putting clues on Youtube and in TV ads to hint at their location

Emma Hutchings
  • 11 january 2012

As part of an ad campaign for the 2012 Dodge Journey, the company hid three of the vehicles across America and gave away clues to their locations in TV commercials and online. Those who were the first to find the Journeys got to keep them as a prize.

Dodge positioned the new vehicle as the “Search Engine for the Real World” and the national TV and digital advertising campaign encouraged people to go out and explore the world. As an incentive, they included the chance to win one of three Dodge Journey vehicles hidden in a scavenger hunt. The cars were hidden in the West, Midwest and East, and the first person to find each Dodge Journey, won it.

Dodge’s 30-second commercials provided clues and hinted the whereabouts of each Journey, and there were live video feeds of each car available on Dodge’s YouTube channel. Reid Bigland, president and CEO of Dodge, believes the multiplatform game successfully engaged consumers:

The ‘Search Engine for the Real World’ campaign was an innovative way to showcase America’s most versatile and affordable mid-size crossover – the Dodge Journey. It also proved extremely engaging, with more than 1 million people watching the Dodge brand’s YouTube channel and thousands exploring America in search of a new Journey.


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