E-Style Community Teams Up With Facebook Timeline To Track Your Look History

E-Style Community Teams Up With Facebook Timeline To Track Your Look History

Pose collaborates with the social network to let you track your favorite outfits over time and see what your friends and network are wearing.

Laura Feinstein
  • 28 january 2012

While we’ve written about Pose –The #1 Mobile Style Community before, we were excited to hear that the digital start-up will now be launching a new app that style lovers can add to their Facebook Timeline, making it easier than ever to discover style and experience it with friends. The Pose mobile app (available for iOS and Android) will enable people from all over the world to express their personal style through what they’re wearing and through the looks that they discover on the Pose platform, then bring it all to their Timeline.

The thought behind this collaboration is simple. Sharing fashion and style is an inherently social activity, and with Pose, people can create personalized style experiences and connect with friends through what they’re wearing, and what’s inspiring them on a daily basis. Pose’s Timeline app also enables people to discover and engage with new styles by allowing them to explore the details of looks from around the world.  With Pose’s outfit tagging system, photos are tagged with multiple category and brand details, allowing people to interact with dynamic content and increasing opportunities for brand discovery.

With all the exciting news coming out of the group, we sat down with Pose’s Alisa Gould-Simon to chat about what inspired the platform, the unique success of Pose, and what’s next for their future:

How did the idea for Pose emerge? Was it out of a specific need you saw in the market, or more of an organic process of following your own interests?

The idea for Pose came from a specific void that we saw in the marketplace. At the time of Pose’s inception, there was no effective way of translating the social and interactive facets of discovering style into the mobile space. Pose was introduced to help people share their style finds, whether out shopping or at home putting together an outfit, and to inspire people by allowing them to connect with real-time looks from around the world any time, anywhere.

How do you think the recent explosion of fashion-related apps will effect the way people interact with retail in the coming years?

Apps are playing an increasingly important role in the retail space. Apps are helping capture conversations that people are having naturally in the brick and mortar space, which otherwise would go undocumented. Pose’s mobile platform for instance, is also the first means of truly closing the purchase loop in that it captures consumer behaviors and conversations before, during and after purchase. We believe that mobile will help create a unified style discovery experience — one that unites your real world discoveries, with your shopping history and the social network that most influences what you choose to buy.

What do you think has most contributed to Pose’s success while many similar applications have failed to catch on?

I think that the extremely supportive nature of our app (one can only love others’ poses and the community is encouraged to be positive when commenting), and the fact that we use filters like the ‘poser’ and ‘featured’ feed to highlight exceptional content have helped Pose grow. Influencers in the fashion blogging and YouTube hauling spaces have also been extremely supportive early adopters, and their exposure of our app to their respective networks has been a great means of growing our network.

Though they’ve become somewhat passe recently, do you think that Youtube “haul” videos helped pave the way for this kind of digital interaction — or do you see apps like Pose as a completely different entity?

Pose is absolutely an evolution of the YouTube ‘haul’ community, and in many ways we see the Pose app as the mobile arm of the daily haul phenomenon. Not everyone can shoot and edit a video showing off their Outfit of the Day or recent purchases, nor does their community live within YouTube’s walls. With Pose, anyone, anywhere can snap and tag their look in an instant and within seconds share it to a community of their choosing. In a share everything world, Pose is the best way for people to show off their look or discover real-time trends and styles from a global community.

How do you think brands have benefited from using Pose?

Brands have benefited from Pose in myriad ways. Brands like have started Pose profiles and are connecting with the community on a one-to-one level, showing off new product releases through candid, un-retouched (and, therefore, highly accessible) photos. Brands like DKNY have used Pose as a platform through which a global community could share their style around a particular event – in this case, Fashion’s Night Out in September 2011- and simultaneously translate it to multiple social platforms at once. And, brands like Levi’s and Rebecca Minkoff have launched viral mobile campaigns through the Pose platform, generating a wealth of shopper-generated-content that’s on-brand, as well as highly engaging and social.

Can you tell us little bit about your recent holiday promotion?

For our ‘12 Days of Giveaways’ holiday promotion, Pose partnered with Levi’s, Rebecca Minkoff, Loeffler Randall,, Creative Recreation and more to offer exclusive giveaways to the Pose community. The promotion was launched alongside our ‘Outfit of the Day’ or multi-tagging feature, which allows users to tag the categories and brands associated with an outfit much in the same way one would tag their friends in a photo on Facebook. Participants were encouraged to pose their outfits with a specified brand hashtag, and then share to Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr in addition to Pose, creating a strong, cross-platform virality.

Can you explain the “editorial” element of Pose?

Pose’s ‘poser’ feed is an invite-only feed (populated with both fashion influencers and members from the community with exceptional style), which ensures extremely high quality content. Pose’s ‘featured’ feed also serves to highlight some of the best poses being generated by the Pose community. And, through Pose’s ‘popular’ feeds, one can find real-time fashion trends that are happening around the globe.

Do you have any upcoming collaborations, or new features in works?

Facebook recently selected Pose as a Timeline launch partner. On January 18th, Pose launched a new app that style lovers can add to their Facebook Timeline, making it easier than ever to discover style and experience it with friends. Pose’s Timeline app enables people to discover and engage with new styles by allowing them to explore the details of looks from around the world. Pose is the best way to share what you’re wearing and to discover style across mobile and social platforms. Our integration with Facebook Timeline takes this to the next level.

Who would be Pose’s dream brand to work with?

Any brand that is really looking to push the boundaries of social and is interested in connecting with their consumers on a one-to-one level and in an entirely new way.

Pose is a mobile platform for real-time discovery and sharing of fashion, beauty, make-up and hair. Pose’s mission is to create a global, social platform for self expression, where users share and discover style and interact with their favorite brands in a meaningful way. Pose is funded by GRP Partners, True Ventures, Mousse Partners and Founder Collective. Pose is available as a free download on iPhone and Android. Pose is headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif.

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