Sesame Seed Braille On A Bun Promotes UK Fast Food Chain [Video]

Sesame Seed Braille On A Bun Promotes UK Fast Food Chain [Video]

Wimpy's employs a innovative marketing campaign that targets the visually impaired people to spread the message of inclusiveness.

Yi Chen
  • 13 january 2012

To promote its recently launched menus in Braille, Wimpy’s fast food chain in South Africa created 15 unique burgers that could be identified by visually impaired people before they could taste it. The creative idea had a Braille message on the bun that was spelled out using individually placed sesame seeds. Each message was a description of the burger the consumer was about to enjoy.

The burgers were a delightful surprise to the visually impaired recipient and motivated them to speak out and blog about the campaign. In the end, the campaign reached over 800,000 sight-impaired people and successfully conveyed the message that “Wimpy is a place where everyone can feel at home.” The clever advertising idea was created by ad agency Metropolitan Republic in Johannesburg.

Watch the campaign video below:


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