New Ford Cars Can Automatically Steer Drivers In The Right Lane

New Ford Cars Can Automatically Steer Drivers In The Right Lane

Lane-keeping technology ensures that drivers don't drift in the wrong direction.

Yi Chen
  • 25 january 2012

The Ford Motor Company recently revealed its ‘lane-keeping technology’ that will be launched as an option in its 2013 Ford Fusion and Ford Explorer vehicles. Ford’s innovation uses an built-in camera mounted to the rear-view mirror that monitors the lane markings to work out the position of the car on the road. If the car edges over the lane, the steering wheel will vibrate to warn the driver. If the driver does not steer back, the software can take over the power steering and automatically steer the car towards the center of the lane.

The lane-keeping technology is only activated when the car is traveling over 40 miles per hour and the driver has not indicated the turn signal. In addition, the technology will only work in certain road conditions when the lane markings can be clearly detected. For example, due to snow, heavy rainfall or sun glare, the technology won’t be as accurate.

Michael Kane, Development Engineer at Ford, explained that, “It’s not perfect. We’ve worked to enable the system to detect lane markings on a much higher percentage of situations, such as tree-lined curves with lots of shadows.”

Nevertheless, Ford’s technology will increase road safety and ensure drowsy or preoccupied drivers don’t drift in the wrong direction.



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