The first stage in Salon2's "Augmented Structures" project is a multi-sensory architectural installation.

The “Augmented Structures v1.1: Acoustic Formations / İstiklâl Caddesi” exhibition by Salon2 in Istanbul, Turkey, plays with sound, music, light, video, mathematics, visual arts and architecture for a new type of building and streetscape experience. Each of these disciplines is transformed into another, creating a multi-sensory experience on the “living canvas.”  This interdisciplinary design provides a glimpse into what buildings might look like in the future.

The 400m2 architectural installation featured on the side of the Yapı Kredi Cultural Centre, an urban landmark on one of Istanbul’s busiest streets. A large undulating frame was mounted onto the building, providing visitors with a dynamic 6-minute visual and auditory performance. The architects write:

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