UK based contest motivates artists to use latest electronics to create innovative, cutting edge projects.

Torsten Lauschmann, Digital Clock (Growing Zeros) 2010. Still from film. Courtesy The Artist; Mary Mary, Glasgow

The press view for the Samsung Art+ Prize at BFI Southbank in London dragged me out of bed earlier than usual today. It did allow me to discover that taking the tube at rush hour is not as hell as people claim. You get to admire lovely ladies speeding through the corridors while dexterously applying make up with one hand and holding the mirror in front of their face with the other.Anyway, i don't know if the Samsung Art+ Prize is indeed ‘the UK's first digital media art competition', but it is remarkably good. The selection of artworks, that is. I'm far less enthusiastic about the way they are exhibited. First, there was no indication of the author and title next to the works, you have to guess or to wait for the credits at the end of the film, when they exist. Also i'd advise you navigate the rooms carefully. It's so dark bench corners tend to hit your knees when you least expect them.

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