Eye Glasses Adjust Focus With A Simple Touch

Eye Glasses Adjust Focus With A Simple Touch
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emPower specs from PixelOptics have an LCD-like layer that turns on and off with an electric charge.

Emma Hutchings
  • 12 january 2012

PixelOptics’ emPower glasses are able to adjust their focus automatically using a built-in accelerometer or manually by swiping the frame with your finger. So you can switch from reading a book to looking in the distance without changing glasses. They provide a larger viewing area than those on bifocals or progressive lenses and could prove very useful for an aging population.

emPower electronic glasses contain an LCD-like layer between two layers of glass, with liquid crystals that change structure with an electric charge, adjusting the focus instantly. The built-in accelerometer in the frames detect movement,  for example, tilting your head down to read. Touching the frames with your finger can also activate the lenses. A full electric charge of the lenses lasts for a couple of days. The glasses are available at around 1500 optometrists across the US and they cost about $1,200, including frames, protective coatings and an inductive charger for powering up the lenses.


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