GM Lets You Skype From Your Car With On-Board Modem

GM Lets You Skype From Your Car With On-Board Modem

The new Buick LaCrosse will allow drivers to video call using a built-in high-speed Internet connection.

Yi Chen
  • 2 january 2012

Generals Motors recently showed off its Buick LaCrosse at CES 2011 that is equipped with a 4G LTE modem, several built-in cameras, sensors and controls. By utilizing OnStar, the in-vehicle communications system that’s activated on a subscription basis, drivers can initiate a video chat over Skype or stream live traffic-cam images.

The new LaCrosse will also feature exterior cameras that can capture photos of offending vehicles if the car has been hit, even if the car is parked with no seated passengers or driver. In addition, OnStar can be utilized with Verizon’s 4Home service where home security cameras, lights and thermostat information can be transmitted to the driver.

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