Google Offers Free Wi-Fi In India To Access Social Networks

Google Offers Free Wi-Fi In India To Access Social Networks

Google encourages mobile internet usage on Google+ and YouTube via a partnership with India's public Wi-Fi giant.

Alice Chan
  • 11 january 2012

Google is offering users in India free Wi-Fi in an effort to increase usage of Google’s social network, Google+, as well as YouTube. The service, provided by O-Zone Networks, will run for an initial three months, will allow unlimited usage of Google+ and 10 minutes of free access to YouTube per week, but any other websites can only be accessed by paying for minutes. O-Zone is in talks with Google to make it a long-term contract. Sanjeev Sarin, CEO, O-Zone Networks said of the unique marketing partnership:

This is a first-of-its kind promotional tie-up. This association between Google India and O-Zone Networks reinforces the fact that people are now realizing the power of Wi-Fi.

With less than 10 percent internet penetration in India, O-Zone remains a niche provider as the mobile network is predicted to be the key enabler of web access in the country. Google met huge success on mobile in India where it claims that 40 percent of its searches and 67 percent of its e-commerce comes from users on devices. This new marketing initiative further encourages mobile internet usage and enhances consumer experiences of Google+ and YouTube on users’ portable devices while away from work and home.



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