Search giant buys newspaper and magazine space to educate users about its new privacy features and reassure them that it is a responsible and reputable company.

The worlds largest search engine is turning to print, the medium so many accuse it of destroying, for a new round of advertisements by M&C Saatchi worldwide. The ads are aimed at promoting Google’s latest safe browsing and privacy features to counter its touchy handling of private information. They are set to run in some of the most circulated newspapers and magazines in the United States including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Economist, USA Today, and Time.

Google’s move might come as a surprise. As recent as 2009 it significantly cut back its print ad program. However, according to Ad Age Google spent $103 million on TV, print and online display ads in 2011. In an era where many ad firms are moving away from the traditional mediums to focus more on understanding and taking advantage of digital space, Google’s investment is not only a reminder that print is still largely relevant and profitable, but also might be a way to reassure nervous tech neophytes that the internet revolution will be a pleasant and manageable occurrence.

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