Harvard Professors Advertise Their Courses On Vimeo

Harvard Professors Advertise Their Courses On Vimeo

Demonstrating how digital communications are enhancing the present and future of education, Harvard features the syllabi for 16 general education courses as online videos.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 12 january 2012

Harvard University has rather assertively entrenched digital elements throughout its communications with current students, prospective students and the academic community at large. Whether it be a comprehensive social media dashboard, an iPhone app, or Harvard Stories–the place where students, educators and the like can share their personal experiences with the University–going and staying digitial is clearly a top priority of the Ivy League school. The respected institution’s latest foray into new media involves publishing the syllabi for its sixteen Spring 2012 General Education courses on the online platform Vimeo–foregoing the traditional text-based syllabus.

We love this idea simply for being so instinctive and really compelling people towards a course experience by giving them a sense of the attitude and demeanor of the professor, as well as the course content. A video tells a richer, more engaging story than pure text. We can only wonder how the videos will sway course registration.

Check out one for a course on the History of American Food below:

American Food from Harvard Program in Gen Ed on Vimeo.

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