Mobile messages have reduced the number of missed appointments for crucial treatments requiring multiple visits.

Private hospitals in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, have adopted a tech-savvy way to remind patients of their next appointment. By sending out SMS reminders, outpatients were able to keep their scheduled hospital visits and reduce the number of nonattendance. This mobile method was especially helpful and effective for patients needing ongoing treatment, for example with dengue fever.

Dengue Fever is a high-health risk in tropical climates like Brazil where half a million cases are recorded each year. Dengue fever is a virus caused by mosquitoes where symptoms include fever, headache and muscle pain. Because there are no specific medicine or antibiotic to cure dengue fever, treatment is usually close supervision and regular visits to the doctor. Failing to do so results in death where over 100 fatalities occur every year in Rio de Janeiro due to dengue fever.

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