'Ice Typography', an environmental art series by Nicole Dextras, features frozen, large-scale text that transform the landscape and comments on environmental degradation.

Type is absolutely everywhere, but when brought into a different context, it can make for a powerful statement. Such is the case with the series, ‘Ice Typography’ by environmental artist, Nicole Dextras. Dextras has spent the past few years sculpting and photographing her frozen type installations, creating compelling visual text that shouts no matter the landscape. The pervading theme in her work is the environment’s vulnerability resulting from human encroachment.

With her exhibition, Signs of Change, on a weekly basis, new words fabricated from ice were left to melt in an urban setting. Another installation, Legacy, referred to the Yukon land being synonymous with the heritage of its inhabitants. Her installations of words against natural backdrops as well as cityscapes begin with wooden molds which are filled with water and left to freeze. Once frozen, the molds are removed, leaving behind only ice, which only lasts for a limited time.

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