Lightboys modernize the almost forgotten tradition of classical ceiling murals to create a whole new kind of ambiance in the home or at work.

Lightboys illuminated photographs are a combination of ceiling light and ceiling fresco. The German design team have innovated in a neglected area of the home to provide beautiful images for people to admire when they gaze upwards.

Product designer Jirko Bannas and creative director Oliver Seltmann aim to revive and modernize the ceiling, an area most interior designers pay little attention to. They bring back the almost forgotten tradition of the classical ceiling paintings (think Sistine Chapel) with large-format photos mounted on ultra-light, 40mm thick housing that bathe rooms in a unique glow and provide an artistic fresco. You could have a starry sky, treetops, a church dome, skylight or a disco ball. Click through the images below to see some examples:

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