Inflatable Steel Furniture You Can Assemble With A Bike Pump

Inflatable Steel Furniture You Can Assemble With A Bike Pump
Design & Architecture

Polish design team Zieta create products that can be blown up at home to create sleek, modern pieces.

Emma Hutchings
  • 25 january 2012

Oskar Zieta and his Polish design team aim to develop innovative mass-produced furniture and design objects, combining research, drafting and production to bring concepts to life. Zieta creates light but resilient constructions out of inflatable steel, like chairs, stools and ladders. Using FIDU, which stands for Freie Innen Druck Umformung (Internal Pressure Forming), two welded steel sheets are inflated to create complicated and durable 3D objects.

Inflatable Mass Produced Furniture, No Alan Wrench Required

Taking this idea even further, the design team’s Tatarak coat stand uses this technology to roll up large objects into small packages for delivery to clients. At home, the coat stand can be unrolled and inflated to the desired height using a regular bike pump. After that, anything can be hung on it as it becomes a fully stable and durable object. This innovation for mass-produced furniture could be developed even further to offer a clever alternative to assemble-at-home products in the future.


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