The Guardian follows up on PSFK's recent article on Alvaro Cassinelli with an interview with the new media innovator.

The Guardian follows up on PSFK’s recent article on Alvaro Cassinelli’s work with an interview with the new media innovator.

This article titled “Alvaro Cassinelli: you really can use a banana as a telephone” was written by Interview by Sam Price, for The Observer on Sunday 1st January 2012 00.05 UTC

Alvaro Cassinelli is an assistant professor at the Ishikawa-Oku lab at the University of Tokyo. He and his partner, Alexis Zerroug, have created a multi-modal, spatial augmented reality, a system that instantaneously changes household objects into communication devices. The effect, known as “invoked computing”, is a process that has enabled Cassinelli to transform a discarded pizza box into a laptop computer and a banana into a telephone. The idea won the grand prize at Laval Virtual, an international conference and exhibition on virtual reality and converging technologies.

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