The Love Box is a low-tech iPhone 4/4S accessory that simultaneously records front and back views with a mirror and wooden box.

Presented as “the lowest-tech accessory for the highest-tech phone,” The Love Box video mixer features an oak base with a mirror set at an angle. There is also a slot for an iPhone 4/4S that when mounted in front of the sliding mirror system  records split screen video in a single shot. The right side of the screen shows what’s in front of you, while the left side reflects what’s behind you. The simple yet clever design completely won us over.

Created by the Barcelona based agency, Honest&Smile, the product was conceived in Paris while shooting a documentary, as a non-intrusive way to film conversations about love using an iPhone. Checkout the video below to get an explanation of exactly how it works. With an initial limited-edition run of 100 units, head to Etsy if you’re interested (or the Regalador store in Spain).

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