Hyperlocal 'Lucky Ant' gives people the opportunity to support small businesses in their community.

The hyperlocal crowdfunding platform Lucky Ant has launched this week, giving people the opportunity to help small businesses grow in their community by raising money for things like new equipment, brand development, advertising campaigns and repairs. One business is focused on each week and has seven days to reach the fundraising goal for its project.

Like successful crowdfunding site Kickstarter, Lucky Ant allows people to pledge different amounts, in return for incentives offered up by the merchants like VIP treatment and other perks. However, by focusing on small local businesses (currently only in New York, but with plans to expand soon) this platform gives owners a way to build customer loyalty with members of the community, creating a model for sustaining their businesses over the long term, while also enabling them to raise capital for immediate improvements. Check out the introductory video below for more info:

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