The iconic Lucas favourites are rendered in lego and juxtaposed with famous luxury brands in this tongue-in-cheek art project.

Dale May, a photographer with a penchant for LEGO and Star Wars, brings together some of the well-known characters of the Lucas franchise and gives them an interesting makeover: May shoots his figures with a luxury brand theme. In “Lego Wars,” May puts together Darth Vader, C3Po and many other characters with Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Tory Burch logos to create square studies as large as 48 inches per piece.

From the Samuel Owen Gallery:

The LEGO WARS series is a photographic study of popular culture, commercial advertising and nostalgia. As an adult, Dale May revisits these tiny plastic Lego toys and photographs them in a way that returns them to the epic importance they once had as a child, reminding us why we needed to collect every single piece.

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