Letters In The Mail lets user receive 'personal letters from interesting people' in this new take on a print publication featuring authors like Dave Eggers and Tao Lin.

Literary website The Rumpus recently launched a print subscription, appropriately called Letters in the Mail. Subscribers pay $5 per month to receive ‘personal letters from interesting people’ almost every week. These ‘interesting people’ are primarily authors, bloggers, and other prominent creative types, including Dave Eggers, Marc Maron, Wendy MacNaughton, Emily Gould, Tao Lin and Stephen Elliott, author and founder of The Rumpus.

In a similar vein to subscription services like Quarterly Co., ‘Letters in the Mail’ offers subscribers the opportunity to receive exclusive content from their favorite creative people in a real-world interaction. Letter-writers must send their letter to The Rumpus, where it is photocopied and mailed to subscribers. In terms of content, the authors are given free-reign. The service launched on January 3rd, 2012, and had already reached 575 users by the morning of January 6th. The letters will never be published online (at least not without permission), maintaining the service’s offline focus.

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