Never Lose Your Keys Again With Handy RFID iPhone Case

Never Lose Your Keys Again With Handy RFID iPhone Case

BiKN can track any object within a short range using your smartphone and radio frequency identification tags.

Yi Chen
  • 10 january 2012

If you’re forgetful and tend to misplace things, or just simply curious to track moving objects, the BiKN is a versatile gadget that helps you locate items within a short range. The BiKN comes with matchbox-sized tags that can be attached to objects and a specially created RF-enabled iPhone case. By downloading the BiKN app from the App Store, the user can conveniently find the tagged objects within several hundred feet. The app lets you know how far away the object is, while the tag makes a beeping sound itself.

The functions of BiKN are endless. Users can use it to find missing keys, track hiding pets or locate the TV remote control. The unique iPhone case also includes a trackable tag so if you have two phones with BiKN, then each phone can be tracked by one another. The tags are rechargeable and can be used for a few weeks when fully charged. The BiKN system will be sold in packages ranging from $100 to $120. Extra tags will be sold in packs of two for $50. According to BiKN, the app can track up to 256 paired tags at a time.

Photos courtesy of The Verge


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