Are QR Codes The Future Of Magazine Publishing?

Are QR Codes The Future Of Magazine Publishing?

A local publication save printing cost and keeps information current by updating its issue using barcodes.

Yi Chen
  • 30 january 2012

Let’s Eat Out Menus is a newly launched magazine that features menus and ads of local restaurants in Spotsylvania County, Virginia USA. Although the publication is only released every three months, it uses QR codes extensively to keep readers updated on the latest information.

A QR code accompanies each restaurant ad or menu and once scanned by a barcode reader, it can reveal a website link or text. This information can be changed by the merchant on a weekly basis to keep it relevant and in line with any current promotions. By constantly updating the QR code information, readers will keep the magazine around for longer and it also saves on paper as it avoids weekly reprints.

The use of QR codes as a call-to-action placement has grown in publications over the past year. In December 2011, 8.36% of ad pages contained at least one QR code, representing an increase of 135% since March 2011.

Let’s Eat Out Menu

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