The fast food giant is currently running a multi-platform campaign in the UK that also highlighting people's enjoyment of their new coffee line 'Full Bean'.

McDonald's is branding its espresso in the UK with a cross-platform campaign that focuses on the conversations people have over a cup of coffee and invites consumers to send in photos of their coffee ‘moments.' These photos are then used to create a Facebook timeline for the company.

The fast food chain's “Cups” campaign, developed by Leo Burnett, includes a TV commercial that zooms in on the customers' hands and coffees as they sit and talk to each other in the restaurant. There is also a radio ad featuring snippets of dialogue between people from across the country as they enjoy a cup of coffee from McDonald's, and print ads that highlight the wide range of coffees and the quality of their ingredients. The fast food chain is trying to rebrand itself as a place where people can linger and enjoy themselves.

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