How Engaging Is Nike’s Interactive 180º Video?

How Engaging Is Nike’s Interactive 180º Video?

'Quick Controls Chaos' allows you to interact with a live-action basketball game, but is there too much stimulation in the ad to process?

Emma Hutchings
  • 19 january 2012

Agency Wieden + Kennedy NY has helped launched Nike Jordan’s new Chris Paul shoe, the CP3.V, with a 180° interactive video designed to illustrate the chaos the all-star player causes on the basketball court. But will the fast-paced and surreal action engage or confuse consumers?

The ‘Quick Controls Chaos‘ site drops you right in the middle of a fast break and allows you to control the events occurring around you. Clicking and dragging with the mouse changes the angle you view the game from and you can also click on strange actions on and off the court to view a close-up angle or find out more information.

The chaotic and surreal scene includes a horse galloping onto the court, a cook on fire, and a woman falling into the arms of one of the players. The Flash-based site gives users video-game like control over the live-action events. 17 Red cameras were used to capture the action and over 100 streaming videos are seamlessly swapped in and out as users change the angles. The quick pace can sometimes make it difficult to click on the icons for more details and although this is an interesting development in interactive video content and technology, some consumers may be a little overwhelmed by the chaos.

Take a look below and decide for yourself:

Quick Controls Chaos

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