New Swedish School Looks Like Google Headquarters [Pics]

New Swedish School Looks Like Google Headquarters [Pics]
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An open space facility gets rid of classroom walls and provides a fun interactive environment in which students can learn.

Yi Chen
  • 23 january 2012

The Swedish Free School Organization Vittra invited the Danish studio Rosan Bosch to design a school with no classroom walls and create an interior that’s filled with colorful abstract furniture. The end result is a school that looks like an inviting children’s playground rather than an educational building.

The fundamental aspects behind the architecture is similar to the design principals of modern office spaces like tech start-ups to ad agencies that promote a better learning and engaging environment with a more vibrant and open space.

According to a press release, Vittra explained that instead of classes, students are taught “in groups according to level based on the school’s pedagogical principles… [These] approaches create different types of learning and teaching situations.”

The school in Telefonplan, Stockholm, provides students with an interactive environment where there are different work stations to read, relax, learn and even to watch films. There’s also an emphasis on integrating digital media with learning as students are assigned to work on individual laptops in a large or small group.


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