Adjust The Office Thermostat With Your Personal Wristband

Adjust The Office Thermostat With Your Personal Wristband

The WristQue uses sensor technology to ensure an optimal temperature setting that's comfortable for everyone.

Yi Chen
  • 19 january 2012

Researchers at MIT have created a wristband that can track your whereabouts and adjust the temperature of the building according to how you feel. The WristQue is equipped with sensors that can detect changes in temperature, light and humidity. With the press of a button, you can let the device know if you’re feeling too cold or hot and the gadget will change the air conditioner settings accordingly. If there’s someone else in the room, the device can calculate the optimal temperature where the both of you can feel comfortable.

WristQue can also track your movements around the building and learn your behaviors overtime. That way, it can predict which room you will go to next and adjust the temperature to your liking before you even get there.

After a three-week trial, researchers found that by using WristQue there was a 24 percent reduction in energy usage. Future development of this device can include lighting control management and more in-depth location information.


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