Optical Illusion Street Art Installation Recreates City Streets

Optical Illusion Street Art Installation Recreates City Streets
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Isidro Blasco's Deconstructing Ways in an art intervention that inspires more imaginative relationships with a city's geography.

Dylan Schenker
  • 23 january 2012

We don’t typically think about how architecture affects how we navigate a city or town. It’s such a naturalized part of the experience that we tend to ignore how restricted our movement can truly be. Alleyways, streets, grids, public transportation, skyscrapers, all exist within a very specific set of parameters that all people operate under when they inhabit or navigate a series of places. So would we be surprised if certain streets or pathways cropped up one day that were never there before? How would it affect how we see the layout of a city?

Deconstructing Ways by Isidro Blasco is an installation that creates the illusion of a new street being etched into the corner of two alleys. With the introduction of something entirely new, we become more aware of our surroundings. A better awareness of a city’s layout leads to a more creative relationship with its design. In return we can imagine new ways of exploring or creating new worlds out of once mundane spaces.

The installation will be on view until the end of the month in Sydney, Australia at the corner of Mullins Street & Market Row.

Deconstructing Ways

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