Paralympic Multimedia 3D Logo Reinforces The Importance Of Accessibility

Paralympic Multimedia 3D Logo Reinforces The Importance Of Accessibility

The rebranding for the 2016 Rio Paralympic games aims to inspire people as much as their athletes do.

Alice Chan
  • 13 january 2012

The 2016 Paralympic Games held in Rio, Brazil debuts its multi-sensory logo created by Tátil, a Brazilian design agency. The innovative logo is designed in full 3D, offering accessibility to everyone, regardless of a disability. Referencing the traditional olympic brand, the team devised an off-balance human heart formed from an infinity sign.

The shape of the logo is one which the international paralympic committee (IPC) and Tátil believe honors the multi-sensory necessity of a world consisting of capable people with varied levels of sensory ability. The entire creation process required a massive amount of work, including the hours of footage each team member watched from previous paralympic events during the early phases of design. The agency also conducted research with Paralympic athletes concerning the values they wanted the logo to convey:

The goal was to create a brand that could inspire people as much as a Paralympic athlete does through determination and ability to overcome. It is a symbol that reflects not what sets us apart, but what makes us equal, a beating heart with endless energy.

This new logo engages touch and sound to communicate the spirit of the games, creating a rich and accessible experience for all. Moreover, it can be easily replicated to represent major brands that currently translate their image only visually. Watch a video of the creative agency’s thoughts and inspiration for the design below:

Rio 2016 Multisensory Paralympic Brand from Tátil Design de Ideias on Vimeo.

Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

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