Happy At 100: Expressive Portraits Capture The Wisdom And Joy Of Aging [Pics]

Happy At 100: Expressive Portraits Capture The Wisdom And Joy Of Aging [Pics]
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One artist's photography series of men and women over 100 years old is an extraordinary celebration of life.

Kyana Gordon
  • 17 january 2012

Being alive for 100 years means you have witnessed much in your lifetime – from two World Wars, the first walk on the moon, to the invention of the computer. In Jahrhundertmensch (translates as Century Man), German photographer, Karsten Thormaehlen becomes acquainted with those centenarians who have seen it all. His beautiful portraits show both men and women over one hundred years old with stunning detail – with each wrinkle and glimmer in their eye, we see a story unfold on each face.

The photographs are featured in a new book, Mit Hundert Hat Man Noch Träume (Happy at One Hundred), and includes contributions from philosopher Wilhelm Schmid, publicist Henning von Vieregge, and  the 101-year-old writer Elfriede Brüning. The collection is a nice reminder that a powerful emotion like happiness can be wonderfully captured on people of any age.

Karsten Thormaehlen

Mit Hundert Hat Man Noch Träume


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