Steve Wheen highlights the state of the roads and makes people appreciate little areas of greenery.

Steve Wheen, a.k.a. “the pothole gardener“, transforms the annoying gaps in east London's roads and sidewalks into miniature scenes of greenery. This not only highlights the bad state that the streets are in, but also reminds people that we need to appreciate the green space we have while it lasts.

Wheen's neighborhood lacks gardens and greenery so the ‘Guerrilla Gardener' fills potholes with soil and adds plants, grass, and a range of tiny props including cars, telephone boxes, chairs, picnic blankets, laundry lines and even a miniature tennis court. He chooses mostly dead end lanes and footpaths on quiet streets and removes the props after he has taken photos of the pothole gardens. Wheen hopes that the pictures on his blog of the tiny gardens will put a smile on people's faces and alert them to potholes. Check out the video below to see more examples of the pothole gardener's creations:

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