Lumi introduces new design capabilities with its light-sensitive Inkodye.

Lumi, an L.A. design team, have introduced a new product that allows you to print patterns or images onto different materials. The light-sensitive Inkodye uses sunlight to develop the design. The dye, available in blue, red and orange, can be mixed together to create different colors or mixed with water for lighter shades.

Inkodye can be used for photograms, shadow prints, painting, dyeing, silk-screening, batik and more, and was the method that was used to create the design for Mend’s canvas totes. It works on different materials including cotton, wood, suede and silk. After applying the dye to a design, expose it to direct sunlight for around 5-8 minutes and the colors will become fully developed. Watch the introduction video below to see the product in action:

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