Filmmaker, Casey Neistat provides a funny yet informative public service style video "teaching" the safety and etiquette of texting while walking.

Remember our profile of the homemade PSA addressing bike lane safety in New York City, where a cyclist is seen crashing into every obstruction in his bicycle’s path? Well, Casey Neistat is back with another hilarious how-to-act guide, and the subject is ‘Texting While Walking’ along city streets–and the dangers it poses to you and to passersby.

In an Op-Doc featured on the New York Times, the informative three-minute PSA-style video with its authoritative narration makes viewers aware of the potential hazards and faux-pas associated with street texting. The modern “OMG: A Guide for Texting Safety and Etiquette” acts as a flip book manual, with lesson one pointing out texters lack of spacial awareness, that therefore causes texting-related accidents.

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