iPad App Lets Children Create & Publish Their Own Hard-Cover Books

iPad App Lets Children Create & Publish Their Own Hard-Cover Books

Kids see their stories brought to life with the Scribble Press app.

Yi Chen
  • 11 january 2012

Scribble Press is franchise studio that allows kids of all ages to attend group sessions in storytelling, art and writing. One of their more popular classes allowed children to create their very own board book. Now, this service has gone digital and is available to anyone with an iPad. The Scribble Press app lets kids draw, write and color using dozen of features and hundreds of different markers and tools. There are even 50 different story templates like “If I Were A Rock Star” and “I Love My Mom” to help kids get started. Once you’re happy with the layout and content, the eBook can be printed and published into a soft- or hard-cover book.

Although this idea has been seen and done with other online websites, Anna Barber, co-founder of Scribble Press, insisted that the “iPad is a good medium for [drawing], but the computer isn’t.” The iPad is more intuitive and easy to use for drawing and coloring compared to a mouse and a computer screen. When the touchscreen tablet first came out, Barber thought that it was “the perfect channel for what we were trying to do.”

The Scribble Press app is free to download in the App Store. Printed books can be ordered directly through the iPad app and cost $9.95 plus shipping fees.

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