The sub-community on the popular internet site offers a different take on charitable giving.

‘Random Acts of Pizza‘ is part of a sub-community on Reddit where people can post pizza exchange messages online. Those in need of a pizza can state their desires and those who are willing to give one away can detail their conditions. Once both sides have come to an agreement, the person buying the pizza can either place the order or send an e-gift card for the amount.

Lots of people post heart-breaking personal stories about their need for help; they may not have enough money for food or they might have recently been robbed. Complete strangers then fulfill these requests and send a small amount of kindness their way, in the form of a tasty meal. Another way members use the site is to post offers of pizza in exchange for an action, like writing a poem or making them laugh. ‘Random Acts of Pizza' is fun way to transact serendipity, giving something relatively inexpensive that will provide happiness for another person.

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