Reusable Cotton Napkins On A Roll Go From Picnic To Party

Reusable Cotton Napkins On A Roll Go From Picnic To Party
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Spain-based company MYDrap presents an array of colorful and reusable napkins rolled into an ergonomic packaging that is more sustainable than the disposable option.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 17 january 2012

Disposable napkins are often found wanting in aesthetics and visual appeal, but Spain-based textile design company MyDrap creates an innovative fusion of a throwaway item and an impressive packaging concept with the MyDrap limited edition of rolled-up cotton napkins.

Available in four patterns, five sizes, and 20 different colors, MYDrap napkin rolls are perforated for easy tear-off when needed. Each napkin is made of 100% recyclable cotton fiber and may be washed and reused up to six times. With its vast color options and sturdy make, the napkins can work with any table set-up, whether it be casual or formal.

MYDrap napkins are available at $25-$36 per roll, depending on size. For more more ideas on using MYDrap napkins for your next occasion, watch the video below:


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