MIAmobi's range of 'SilentPockets' take your mobile device off the grid, preventing electromagnetic transmissions.

The California-based company MIAmobi has designed a range of handbags and cases that protect smartphones and RFID-embedded credit cards from electromagnetic transmissions to give consumers more control over their privacy and connectivity, without needing to power down their device.

The ‘SilentPocket’ keeps your data and location hidden from hackers, advertisers and identity thieves using nano-silver technology. They can also liberate you from any unwanted calls, updates and messages for a short while, taking you off the grid without having to turn off your phone. You will receive the voicemails, emails and texts once you take the device out of the SilentPocket. The nano-silver lining stops GPS tracking, provides data protection, and also sanitizes your device by eliminating any bacteria.

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