PSFK talks to Simon Doonan about individual creativity, the difference between 'gay' and 'straight' food and more choice insights from his latest book.

Simon Doonan is not a man of mystery. Unlike many other similarly important players in the fashion industry, if you spend an hour in his company you'll walk away feeling like you've known him for years. Whether he's offering his candid opinions on contemporary designers, or alluding to his (very brief) stint as a male escort, Doonan's life can often read like a very entertaining book. It is easy then to understand the cult-like following he's accumulated over the years–through his frequent columns in The Observer and prolific literary output–as well as his unquestionable status as a style icon. Elevating himself through sheer sweat and the innate creativity that he developed during a hardscrabble childhood in post-war England–a childhood that was later made into a TV series for the BBC, appropriately from the minds behind Ab-Fab and The Office–Doonan defies all expectations.

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