Will Wright unveils HiveMind, a new reality game that incorporates user's experience and information from social networks and devices to create the game play.

Will Wright is famous for creating live simulation video games like Sim City, The Sims and Spore. The success of these titles has led him to his new gaming venture called HiveMind, which hopes to incorporate real-life elements into the game. Wright is not giving any detailed information about the game yet, but it sounds like a reality version of The Sims, where players can earn points and rewards for doing things in real life.

In an interview with Reuters, Wright revealed that HiveMind is about “how we make reality more interesting to you.” The game will tap into the player's personal information on phones, tablets, social networks and computers, and use that data to design a custom game based on the user's profile. Wright added that, “The question here is how we can learn enough about the player to create games about his or her real life. The user becomes the game.”

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