Get Branded Swag From Your New Favourite Startups Every Month

Get Branded Swag From Your New Favourite Startups Every Month

Startup Threads Monthly delivers t-shirts, stickers and more emblazoned with company logos as a way of supporting them.

Emma Hutchings
  • 25 january 2012

New subscription service Startup Threads Monthly ships branded items from startups to consumers eager to get their hands on exclusive t-shirts, stickers and other items from the hottest new companies in town. This creative service not only helps choice-saturated consumers gain new threads but also creates a new marketing channel for startups.

Hot Startup T-Shirts Delivered To Your Doorstep

A merchandise printing and design company, Startup Threads by Frank Denbow, the service finds and partners with top startups like Boxee, Reddit and Twilio, to create limited edition merchandise around their brand. Those who join the swag club for $14.95 a month plus $5 shipping receive the latest bag of items each month, which includes a custom designed t-shirt, sticker and a surprise. Founder Frank Denbow told TNW why he started the site:

I started the site since I love collecting startup shirts, and generally wear a new one every day. I thought it would be cool to get new shirts and other swag consistently and figured that others would also be interested. I found out that there were a few services similar to it that were around a few years ago, the main one being Startup Schwag, which is no longer running. I talked to the founder, Roddy, and he actually helped me connect to the same printer and the domain for Startup Threads so that I could get something similar running again.

Startup Threads Monthly

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