An entirely silent memorial iTunes song helps raise money for pancreatic cancer.

To pay respects to the recently deceased Steve Jobs, a new music track is being offered through iTunes to honor the revolutionary thinker. Concurrently the track functions to raise awareness about pancreatic cancer, the disease that ultimately took Jobs' life. The catch is, that the so-called ‘music' track that is being offered for download is simply eight seconds of silence.

The song cleverly appropriates into the digital era the traditional ‘moment of silence' which we use to show reverence to those who have recently passed. The song itself comes packaged like any other song and includes a wallpaper of Jobs' silhouetted  face. It has an actual 8-second duration thus giving the ‘silence' an intriguing immaterial, yet real existence. Although silence, the act of playing the track offer us the opportunity to remember the brilliant thinker.

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