Children left their soft toys with the librarians, who photographed their activities during the night to show how fun the library is.

Struggling libraries could taken inspiration from this fun event hosted by the Darien Library in Connecticut. An in-house slumber party for stuffed animals invited kids to see what their soft toys got up to when they were let loose in the library. The children picked up their stuffed animals the next morning and the librarians showed them some photographs taken during the night, getting the kids really excited about what happens to their toys when they were not looking.

After a bedtime story for the children and their soft toys, the kids left them in the care of the librarians, who photographed the stuffed animals getting up to all sorts of things, like playing on the computers, phoning for a pizza, riding the elevator and raiding the candy shelves at the cafe. This type of event is a great way of making kids believe that the library is a place where magical things happen. You can check out the photos taken at the slumber party in the slideshow below:

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