Handmade Electrical Plugs & Sockets Are More Sustainable & Practical

Handmade Electrical Plugs & Sockets Are More Sustainable & Practical
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Dave Hakkens makes reusable electronic peripherals by hand.

Yi Chen
  • 4 january 2012

Dutch designer, Dave Hakkens, has created a set of electrical plugs and socket that are specially handmade. The project initially started with Hakkens wanting to add more value to plugs as they were often thrown away along with the broken electronic device. The plugs he has designed are detachable and can be disconnected and reused. They’re made from a rubber material so they’re light, durable and flexible.

While working on the project, Hakkens stumbled across the design of the ‘sharing plug’. This unique invention allows a product to be plugged in without always occupying the socket by sharing the power with another plug.

Hakkens has also created other interesting products that are practical and creative, including the Break Soap, Edible Pen, and Best Wine Glass made out of wood.

Dave Hakkens

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