frog: Technology Trends For 2012

frog: Technology Trends For 2012

In a year that promises to be one of hyper-connected, highly-personal, ultra-smart computing, the innovation firm weighs in with their predictions for what will make waves in the tech world.

  • 11 january 2012

While the Internet is buzzing with ways to survive the last year of the world (according to the ancient Mayan Calendar), frogs are thinking of other things that will shape culture this year. We asked frogs from across the globe to share their personal favorite tech trends that’ll crop up this year and what their impact would be on design, business, entertainment, and our daily routines. We had frogs from all disciplines—from strategy to engineering—draw from their passions and expertise to offer their input. Without doubt, 2012 is shaping up to be a year of hyper-connected, highly-personal, ultra-smart computing that, well, might just skip the computer altogether.

Here’s what our tech forecasters predict for 2012. Click on any trend to jump to its description.

  1. Conntected Cities
  2. Taking Computers Out of Computing
  3. Quantified Selves
  4. The Reductive Social Network: Technology Finally Gets Personal
  5. Convergence Causing Specialization
  6. Interaction Choreography
  7. Reputation Enhanced Lending and Trading Becomes Mainstream
  8. Base of the Pyramid 
Mobile Innovation
  9. Digital Discovery in the Physical World
  10. Flourishing Commerce in the Post-PC Era
  11. The Age of the Algorithm
  12. Biomimicry
  13. Reign in the Clouds!
  14. Remote Collaboration
  15. Re-Shape: Humans Are Analogue

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[Written by Kristina Loring. Reprinted with kind permission from design mind, a publication of global innovation firm frog.]

design mind is a publication of global innovation firm frog that is updated daily to keep the design and innovation community updated with fresh perspectives on industry trends, emerging technologies, and global consumer culture. Learn more about design mind and frog.

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