Two iPhone Screens Become One In New Mobile Game

Two iPhone Screens Become One In New Mobile Game

Johnny Test: Roller Johnny uses Bluetooth to link devices and allows co-operative screen play.

Emma Hutchings
  • 30 january 2012

A new multi-screen iOS game called Johnny Test: Roller Johnny uses Bluetooth to share screens across multiple devices. This development inspires new possibilities for apps, games, etc. It is the first iOS gaming experience with co-operative screen play, allowing people to team up and explore together.

The multi-screen game, which reminds us of this recent campaign from Scandinavian Airlines, was created by Toronto-based digital creative agency Kolody in partnership with Teletoon Canada. Johnny Test is based on the popular cartoon character of the same name. The game requires players to take part in a colorful roller derby and race to the finish line. If a Bluetooth-linked device running the game comes into range, the game space will expand and players can explore new parts of the screen. They can also team up against their rivals and slingshot each other forward.

Game Played On Side-By-Side iPhone Screens

Kolody is currently working on an update that will enable the multi-screen experience to work with Wi-Fi too. The video below shows the co-op game on two iPhone screens as well as an iPad joining forces to create an even bigger play space.

Johnny Test: Roller Johnny

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