Typographic Optical Illusions Predict The Future Of Augmented Reality

Typographic Optical Illusions Predict The Future Of Augmented Reality

Tobi Tobsen designs illusory art pieces that depict potential uses for the developing technology.

Dylan Schenker
  • 13 january 2012

As Augmented Reality apps become more ubiquitous our dreams for the potential of the technology increase. Can you imagine a world where the the hovering social network information, travel information or map directions integrate seamlessly with the real world? Currently relegated to tablets and phones, it is difficult to imagine Augmented Reality (AR) transcending the level of novelty without divesting themselves from these trappings first.

So while it might be some time until we realize our dreams of a truly augmented reality it is at least inspiring artists to play with the aesthetic and to apply it to the real world. Tobi Tobsen has created a series of typographic art pieces that appear to be floating in the air. The words are painted onto a series of surfaces in a distorted way so each component culminates to trick the eye into thinking it sees something 3D.

The art project plays with our expectations for the technology in a very analogue way, whetting our appetite for a future we haven’t quite reached yet. It at least gives us a novel idea of what it might look like to encounter giant floating words in the real world. By directly targeting people’s desires for an innovative technology to become more advanced it makes them anticipate that future even more. In increasing people’s interests it makes them much more likely to adopt them as well.

Tobi Tobsen

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