The appearance of this vehicle generated a lot of questions.

While PSFK was roaming through the Chrysler stand at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, we spotted this new van we hadn’t heard anything about. In speaking to some Chrysler representatives we found that they didn’t know much about it either. Here’s the story we heard.

Three days prior to the opening of press days, the vehicle slated to appear on this display stand was a Chrysler 300 Sedan. Even the spokes person tasked with explaining the car was given a 300 script. The next day calls went out that there was a change to the program and a new vehicle was being rushed to the show from Europe. None of the representatives from Chrysler knew much more than that. There was no press conference scheduled, no press release issued, we really don’t know if calling this a concept is correct. Chrysler said the intend to conduct surveys at the show to gauge reaction from consumers about the van which they labeled the 700 C.

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