Zeus Jones has developed 'Proof,' a tasting app that provides samples from Scotland's whiskey-making regions and creates a social experience to share with friends.

Marketing firm Zeus Jones‘ new whiskey tasting app Proof, lets you compare taste descriptions with friends and guess the different single malts you are drinking. There is also a guide that takes you on a tour through the whiskey-making regions of Scotland.

Proof encourages social whiskey tasting and turns the occasion into a game. You can enter the names of your friends and the whiskeys you are sampling (the free web app has a database of 250 popular single malt whiskies) and then you all create a graph to visually represent each drinks' tastes (choosing from descriptions such as “rich,” “smooth,” “fruity,” and “complex”). When you have finished the tasting, you can compare everyone's graphs to see which of you correctly guessed the whiskeys and how your descriptions differed.

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